Microsoft uses the available infrastructure

The BI-solutions from Microsoft use implemented and from the users well-known technologies:Ā 

This advantage at the beginning reduces the initial costs of BI solutions considerably and makes it easier for the employees to use the corresponding applications.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

The SQL Server which is used especially as a Data warehouse offers a scalable infrastructure which enables a comprehensive and an overall flexible BI use in the company. Numerous services and tools are integrated (e.g. analysis services, reporting services and integration services).

Analysis Services (SSAS)

OLAP- offers (online Analytical Processing) and data mining functionalities for BI applications SSAS (Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services).

With OLAP you can design, compile and administrate SSAS multi-dimensional structures with data which have been aggregated from other data sources (e.g. relational databanks). The data can be given as star and snowflake systems, as well as galaxy systems (also with various fact tables). Apart from this SSAS allows drafting, compiling and virtualization of generated data mining-models from other data resources. In addition numerous data mining algorithm (industrial standard) are available.

Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS is a platform to compile data integration and data transformation solutions at company level. With this you can copy data or download them, send e-mail messages in response to events, update data warehouse, adjust data and data mining as well as administer SQL Server objects and data. SSIS can extract and transform data from various sources (e.g. XML-data sets, flat files and relational data source), as well as load in one or more targets.

Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS is a server based report generating system (SQL Server Reporting Services). It is used for the preparation and productive generation of different interactive or precast reports (e.g. Dashboards, scorecards and cockpits). SSRS has a web service based interface, which supports the development of your own reporting applications. User can access directly or through the Report Manager on SSRS. With the Report Manager users can observe user reports and subscribe to reports, data sources and administrate security settings. Reports will be sent by mail or set in a data system. The role based security can be defined at single object -level (report, Data-source), on file-level or be defined across all objects.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

The business-platform for the cooperation in a company and in the web is Microsoft SharePoint 2010. With its support teams (e.g. colleagues, partners and customers) exchange information in a fast and simple way. The consistent infrastructure of SharePoint 2010 reduces the costs and allows prompt adjustments and changes in the company.

Further information is available on the pages of Microsoft.

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